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DESCRIPTIVE NARRATION uses Speech to make written and visual materials accessible either Live or in Analog and Digital formats. Serving Access to the Blind and Low Vision communities, Descriptive Narration also enhances comprehension for Persons who have low literacy or use English as a second language.
Pre-producted Descriptive Narration can be applied to text, charts, photos, graphics and videos. Written materials, such as manuals, textbooks and brochures, along with any visuals they contain, can be Descriptively Narrated with sound cues or tracks for easy searching. In a Video, Descriptive Narration is inserted on a secondary audio channel to verbally paint scenes and actions. Pre-producted Descriptive Narration may be performed in different Languages.
Live Descriptive Narration is a play-by-play commentary during live events, such as Conferences. The Descriptive Narrator reveals an unfamiliar environment, describes information and action in PowerPoints and Videos, and offers reference points within Large Print or Braille materials.
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