Communiqué InterActive Solutions Incorporated
Descriptive Narration
A.D.A. Access Consultation
Captioning, C.A.R.T. and TextStreaming

In this era of instant information from unlimited sources,

insightful approaches position your information at the forefront

to reach the largest Audience.

Media Services customize your Text, Audio, Video and Web information to capture the attention of your target Audience. Decades of Mass Communications experience in Print, Broadcast Journalism, Advertising and Media Consultation, enable us to counsel, plan and execute: Press/Campaign Releases and Strategies; Informational Literature; and, Audio and Video Program Scripting, Production, Post-Production and Accessiblity.
Translation Services take Text, Video, Audio and Web content and transform it not only into the Language of your target Audience, but also into culturally correct content. This attention to detail, known as Localization, guarantees a comfortable reception to your Information. Translations are addressed in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Japanese, and Simplified and Mandarin Chinese.
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