Communiqué InterActive Solutions Incorporated
Descriptive Narration
A.D.A Access Consultation
Media and Translation Services
Captioning, C.A.R.T. and TextStreaming
Preparation Materials (Prep), along with our skilled Captioners, ensure Live Captioning, C.A.R.T and TextStreaming are performed at our high standard of at least 99.5% accuracy. Prep is defined as terminology specific to a project, but uncommon to daily speech; such as proper names and acronyms. Before a project, the Captioner builds a project dictionary to ensure Access provision displays quickly and accurately. We will guide you on the Prep needed for your project.
Transcripts, created from Live Captioning, C.A.R.T. and TextStreaming, capture spoken content for review, distribution and posting. Transcripts are provided as Output (the Captioner's file) or Scoped (accuracy review, Speaker I.D.'s, elimination of false starts, and formatting). Translation Services are available for Transcripts.
Top Secret Transcripts, generated in English from English Audio and Video materials, are produced on-site in SCIF's (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) by TS/SCI Cleared Writers.
Reports may be created from Live Captioning, C.A.R.T. and TextStreaming. A Report is a short narrative providing more details than minutes. Translation Services are available for Reports.
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